Genicom cL160 User Manual

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Apr 02


Publication No. GEG-99141

GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide


Safety Precautions

Be sure to switch off and unplug the printer before accessing the interior of the printer for
cleaning, maintenance, or fault clearance. Access to a live printer's interior can cause electric

Once a month, unplug the printer and check the power cord for the following:

The power cord is plugged firmly into a receptacle.
The plug is not excessively heated, rusted, or bent.
The plug and receptacle are free of dust.
The cord is not cracked or frayed.

If you notice any unusual conditions, contact your Genicom Customer Support Center.

When the printer is not used over an extended period of time, switch it off and unplug it. If
an unused printer is left connected to a power source for a long period, degraded insulation
can cause electric shocks, current leakages, or fire.

Switch off the printer before connecting the interface cable or options. Connecting the cable
or card with a live printer can cause electric shocks.

Other Precautions

This printer may interfere with radio or television reception, causing flickering or distortion.
This can be determined by turning the printer off and on. To correct interference, perform
one, or a combination of the following procedures:

Move the printer away from TV and/or radio.
Reposition the printer, TV and/or radio.
If the printer, TV and/or radio are plugged into the same outlet, unplug them, then plug
them into different outlets.
Reposition the TV and/or radio antennas and cables until the interference stops. For
external antennas, consult your local electrician.
Use coaxial cable with the antennas

Operating Precautions

Do not place any liquid containers such as vases or coffee cups on the printer.
Liquids spilt on the printer constitue a fire and electrical shock hazard.

Do not place any metal parts such as staples or clips on the printer. If metal and flammable
parts get into the printer, they can short-circuit internal components, and cause fire or elec-
tric shocks.

If debris (metal or liquid) gets into the printer, turn off and unplug the printer. Contact
your Genicom Customer Support Center. Operating a debris-contaminated printer can
cause fire or electric shocks.