Genicom cL160 User Manual

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Publication No. GEG-99141


Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Safety Precautions

Always use the power cord provided with your printer. When an extension power cord is
required, always use a properly rated cord.

If you use a cord with an unspecified current rating, the printer or plug may emit smoke or
become hot to the touch.

Do not attempt to modify, pull, bend, chafe, or otherwise damage the power cord. Do not
place a heavy object on the cord. A damaged cord can cause fire or electric shocks.

Never touch a power cord with wet hands. This constitutes an electric shock hazard.

Stop operation immediately if your printer emits smoke, excessive heat, unusual noise or
smell, or if water is spilt onto the printer. These conditions can cause fire. Immediately turn
off and unplug the printer, and contact your Genicom Customer Support Center.

To prevent fire or electric shocks, follow the instructions below based on your printer's con-
figuration. If in doubt, contact your Genicom Customer Support Center.

If your printer is a 100 or 110 V model, use the green earth wire bundled with the power
cord, located at the back of the printer.

The earth wire must be connected to one of the following conductors:

Earth terminal of the specified power outlet
A piece of copper buried in the earth 650 mm or deeper
A Class D* earth terminal
* Class D is the regulation for Japan only.

Never connect the earth wire to any of the following:

Gas pipes, which can be ignited and explode
Telephone line earth wires or lightning rods, which can draw an excessive electric current
if hit by lightning
Water faucets or pipes whose electrical conductivity is broken by a non-metallic part

If the power cord is broken or insulated wires are exposed, ask your Genicom Customer
Support Center for a replacement. Using a damaged cord can cause fire or electric shocks.


Do not unplug or replug the printer while it is on. Unplugging a live connector can deform
the plug and cause fire.

When unplugging the printer, grasp the plug instead of the cord. Forcibly pulling on a cord
can damage it and cause fire or electric shocks.