Cleaning – Genicom cL160 User Manual

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Apr 02


Publication No. GEG-99141

GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide


Selecting Print Media


Use a soft, damp, well-wrung cloth to clean the outside of the printer. Wipe any remaining water
with a soft dry cloth. If some stains prove difficult to remove, use a cloth moistened with a mild
neutral detergent.We recommend that you clean the printer at least once a month to keep it in
good working condition and to maintain print quality.


Never spray detergent directly onto the printer. Droplets of detergent can enter the printer and
cause malfunctions. Never use detergents other than neutral detergents.
Never lubricate the printer with oil. The printer does not require lubrication.
Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean the printer.

CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from
the AC outlet before cleaning.