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GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Consumables Overview

About this Chapter

This chapter provides information about the expendables used with the printer, and also describes
handling and replacement procedures.

Consumables Overview

The following consumables are provided with the printer. For replacements, contact your Genicom

Toner Cartridges

The printer uses four toner cartridges: black, yellow magenta, and cyan. When the toner supply in
a cartridge begins to run out, an error message appears. At this stage, confirm that you have a
replacement toner cartridge available. Replace toner cartridges as soon as the message prompting
you to do so appears. The printer stops operating if you do not replace the toner cartridge when


For more information about toner cartridges, refer to

“Toner Cartridges“ on page 5-4


Drum Cartridge

The drum cartridge is composed of a light-sensitive drum, a developer and a transfer roller. Images
are initially created as an electrical charge on the surface of this drum. When the drum cartridge
reaches the end of its life span, print quality begins to deteriorate. Replace the drum cartridge at
this stage.


For more information about the drum cartridge, refer to

“Drum Cartridge“ on page 5-8