Genicom cL160 User Manual

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Publication No. GEG-99141


Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Safety Precautions

Never open or remove printer covers that are secured with screws unless specifically
instructed to do so in the this manual. A high-voltage component can cause electric shocks.

Do not try to alter the printer's configuration or modify any parts. An unauthorized modifi-
cation can cause smoke or fire.

This printer complies with the IEC60825 (Class 1) international laser standard. This means
that the printer does not present any risk of injury to persons from laser radiation. Various
covers confine the laser radiation to the inside of the printer; hence, users cannot incur
injury from the laser under normal operating conditions. Removing covers, unless
instructed to do so in this manual, can cause injury from laser radiation.

Never touch a labeled area found on or near the fuser unit. You can burn yourself. If a sheet
of paper is wrapped around the fuser roller, do not try to remove it by yourself to avoid inju-
ries or burns. Turn off the printer immediately and contact your Genicom Customer Sup-
port Center.

Do not place any heavy objects on the printer. An off-balance printer can fall over or the
heavy object can fall, causing injuries.

Do not use highly flammable sprays or solvents in or around the printer, as this can result in

When removing paper jams, make sure no pieces of paper are left inside the printer, as this
can cause fire. If the paper is wrapped around the fuser or roller, or you cannot see the jam
you are trying to clear, do not attempt to remove the paper by yourself, as this may cause
injury or burns.Turn off the printer immediately, and contact the place of purchase or a
Genicom Customer Support Center.

Do not place magnets near the safety switch of the printer. Magnets can activate the printer
accidentally, resulting in injuries.

Refer to this manual for procedures on clearing paper jams and how to resolve any other trou-
bles that may occur.