Storing paper 2-10 – Genicom cL160 User Manual

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Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Selecting Print Media

Paper with a rough surface such as textured or fiber form paper

Using acidic paper can cause the characters to fade over time. Use neutral paper to prevent
this problem.

Envelopes with a rough surface or clips attached

Envelopes with sticky adhesive

Label sheets where the backing has peeled away or are pre-cut.

T-shirt transfer paper (Heat press use)

Transfer paper (cold water use)

Luminous paper

Digital coated glossy paper

Label film (transparent, colorless)

Storing Paper

Failure to store paper properly can cause paper jams, deteriorate print quality, and/or damage to the
printer. Store paper under the following conditions:

Between 10°C and 30°C

Between 30% to 65% relative humidity

In a dry place

After opening the package, wrap unused sheets in their original package and store in a cabinet
or other dry place.

Store paper on a flat surface. Do not lean paper against other objects or place it in an upright

Avoid storing paper in way that may cause creasing, folding or curling.

Store paper away from direct sunlight.

Do not use

Shiny backed paper

Paper cut into labels

OK to use

Full page labels (uncut)