About the printer – Genicom cL160 User Manual

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Apr 02


Publication No. GEG-99141

GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide


About the Printer

Chapter 7: Understanding and Navigating the Control Panel Menu

This chapter explains the control panel and its functions, and also demonstrates how to navigate
through the control panel menus and submenus that allow you to view and change the printer set-

Chapter 8: Using DRAMM DIMMs, FLASH DIMMs and Power-on Files

This chapter describes procedures for installation of DRAM memory DIMMs and FLASH DIMM
modules. Downloading software to the FLASH DIMM module is also discussed in this chapter.

Appendix A: General Information

This appendix provides information on how to contact GENICOM LLC for technical support,
service, and repair issues, and also provides part numbers for the printer, options, and consumables.

Appendix B: Safety Notes and Regulatory Compliances]

This appendix describes cautions to take when installing, transporting, or operating the printer, and
also includes the applicable regulatory compliances.

Appendix C: Printing Font Summaries

This appendix explains the procedure for printing summaries of PCL or PostScript fonts installed
in your printer.

Appendix D: Frequently Used Ethernet Commands

This appendix lists some of the most frequently used commands of the Print Server command set.
More information about the command set, including additional options, can be found in the
Ethernet Network Interface Manual on the Electronic Library CD-ROM.

Printer Orientation

Throughout this guide, the four sides of the printer are referred to as front, rear, right, and left. The
front of the printer is the side near the control panel, and the rear of the printer is opposite the
front. The left and right sides of the printer are defined as the sides to the left and right, respec-
tively, of a person who is facing the front of the printer.

About the Printer


This printer provides the following high-grade features to satisfy a wide variety of printing require-
ments. Your laser printer has the following features:

High quality, high-resolution full color laser printing at 600/1,200 dpi with duplex printing

High-speed 600 dpi monochrome/color output at 16 pages per minute (Letter), and 8 pages
per minute (Letter) monochrome/color output at 1,200 dpi.

Printing on a wide variety of sizes such as postcards, A5 through A4, and long paper (215.9


900 mm).

With the optional High Capacity Feeder installed, you can increase printing efficiency by
using both paper trays. You can set up to 1,600 sheets with this option.

The illustration below shows the printer with the optional High Capacity Feeder installed.