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Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide

About this Chapter

This chapter describes solutions to any problems that might occur when using the printer. Read
this chapter to determine the nature of the problem and the best method of dealing with it.


When your printer suffers from a problem, refer to one of the four categories below to determine
the cause of your problem, and the action needed to rectify it.

Power problems

Print quality problems

Paper transport problems

Other problems

If your problem is not included in these categories or if you cannot rectify the problem using the
prescribed procedures, turn off the printer, disconnect the power cord from the AC outlet, and con-
tact your Genicom dealer or a Genicom Customer Service Center for assistance.

Power Problems

WARNING: Do not make any changes or modifications to the equipment, as this may result
in fire.

CAUTION: Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord from the AC outlet before per-
forming maintenance on the printer. Failure to turn off the printer and disconnect the power
cord may result in electric shock.




No power

The [ I ] mark of the power switch is not

Check that the power switch is in the


] position.

The power cord is not properly
connected to the AC outlet.

Turn off the unit, confirm that the power cord is
properly connected to the AC outlet, and turn the
unit back on.

The AC power supply’s voltage is not
suitable for use with the unit.

Confirm that the printer is connected to an AC 100
V power supply.