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Publication No. GEG-99141


Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Fuser Unit


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Fuser Unit

This section describes the procedure for replacing the fuser unit.


To avoid burns, do not replace the fuser unit immediately after printing, as the fuser gets very
hot during this process.

Replacing the Fuser Unit

Follow the procedure below to replace the fuser unit.


To allow the fuser unit to cool down, turn the printer off for at least 30 minutes before replacing
the fuser unit.

CAUTION: To prevent burns, never touch the area marked “CAUTION! HOT!” (fuser area). To
avoid injury or burns, do not use excessive force to remove jammed paper that is difficult
remove or wound tightly around the fuser or rollers. If paper proves difficult to remove, turn
off the printer and contact your Genicom dealer or a Genicom Customer Service Center for
To prevent electric shock, always turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord from
the AC outlet before cleaning the printer or performing maintenance.