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Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Drum Cartridge


Pull the toner seal straight up to remove it.


Pull the toner seal straight up. Pulling the toner seal diagonally may tear the seal.


Replace the top cover.

Drum Cartridge

This section describes procedures for handling, storing and replacing the drum cartridge.

Drum Cartridge Handling Precautions

The drum cartridge consists of a light-sensitive drum, a developer and a transfer roller. The drum
cartridge is capable of printing about 30,000 Letter/A4 sheets (continuous portrait, at the default
print density with 5% color coverage) with a 1:1 color/monochrome ratio.

CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, always turn off the printer and disconnect the power
cord from the AC outlet before cleaning the printer or performing maintenance.