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GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Positioning the Printer

About this Chapter

This chapter describes how to select an appropriate installation location, what accessories are pro-
vided with the printer, and the installation procedures required once you have chosen a location for
your printer.

Positioning the Printer

For safe and convenient printer operation, take time to read the information in this section when
deciding where to place your printer.

Installation Environment

Place the printer in a location that meets the following conditions:

Level and stable surface.

Well ventilated.

Ambient temperature range of 10 to 32°C, relative humidity 15 to 85% (no condensation).

If you use the printer at an ambient temperature of 32°C, the relative humidity should not
exceed 65%. If the relative humidity reaches 85%, the ambient temperature should not
exceed 28°C.


Do not position the printer in a room where there are sudden temperature fluctuations. Do not
move the printer from a cool, dry location to a warm, humid location. Sudden temperature
fluctuations can cause water droplets (condensation) to form inside the printer and cause the
print quality to deteriorate. If condensation occurs, allow at least one hour for the printer to
adapt to the new environment before use.

Connect the printer to its own AC outlet

Do not plug any other equipment into the printer’s AC outlet, especially high-current equipment
such as copiers or air conditioners. Electrical noise and voltage fluctuations from other equipment
plugged into the same outlet can cause computing errors and data loss.

Avoid exposing the printer to:

Direct sunlight

Air conditioners or heaters

Windy locations

Surfaces subject to vibration

Dusty or dirty places

Naked flames


Magnetic fields

Wide ranging temperature and humidity fluctuations

WARNING: Connect the power plug to an AC outlet with the same voltage as the printer
(100V), and rated for at least 15A. No other devices should be plugged into this AC outlet,
as overheating could cause fire or electrical shock. The printer draws 8.5A at 100V.