Additional information, Precautions – Sony TA-FA1200ES User Manual

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On safety

Should any solid object or liquid fall into the
cabinet, unplug the amplifier and have it
checked by qualified personnel before
operating it any further.

On power sources

• Before operating the amplifier, check that

the operating voltage is identical with your
local power supply.
The operating voltage is indicated on the
nameplate on the back of the amplifier.

• The unit is not disconnected from the AC

power source (mains) as long as it is
connected to the wall outlet, even if the unit
itself has been turned off.

• If you are not going to use the amplifier for

a long time, be sure to disconnect the
amplifier from the wall outlet. To disconnect
the AC power cord (mains lead), grasp the
plug itself; never pull the cord.

• The AC power cord (mains lead) must be

changed only at a qualified service shop.

On heat buildup

Although the amplifier heats up during
operation, this is not a malfunction. If you
continuously use this amplifier at a large
volume, the cabinet temperature of the top,
side and bottom rises considerably. To avoid
burning yourself, do not touch the cabinet.

On placement

• Place the amplifier in a location with

adequate ventilation to prevent heat buildup
and prolong the life of the amplifier.

• Do not place the amplifier near heat sources,

or in a place subject to direct sunlight,
excessive dust, or mechanical shock.

• Do not place anything on top of the cabinet

that might block the ventilation holes and
cause malfunctions.

• Do not place the amplifier near equipment

such as a television, VCR, or tape deck. (If
the amplifier is being used in combination
with a television, VCR, or tape deck, and is
placed too close to that equipment, noise
may result, and picture quality may suffer.
This is especially likely when using an
indoor antenna (aerial). Therefore, we
recommend using an outdoor antenna

On operation

Before connecting other components, be sure
to turn off and unplug the amplifier.

On cleaning

Clean the cabinet, panel, and controls with a
soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild
detergent solution. Do not use any type of
abrasive pad, scouring powder, or solvent,
such as alcohol or benzine.

If you have any questions or problems
concerning your amplifier, please consult your
nearest Sony dealer.

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