Getting started, Unpacking, Connecting speakers – Sony TA-FA1200ES User Manual

Page 4: Unpacking connecting speakers

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Check that you received the following items:

• Operating Instructions (this manual)
• Optimizer microphone ECM-AC1 (1)
• AC power cord (mains lead) (1)
• Remote commander RM-AAU010 (1)
• R6 (size-AA) batteries (2)

If any item is missing, please consult your
nearest Sony dealer.

Audio connecting cords, digital connecting
cords, speaker cords are not supplied with this
amplifier. Please purchase them separately.

Notes on connections

• Turn off the power to all components before

making any connections.

• Do not connect the AC power cord (mains

lead) until all of the connections are

• Be sure to insert all plugs firmly to avoid

hum and noise.

Connecting speakers

Connect your speakers to the amplifier.
Use a speaker cord (not supplied) to connect to
the speaker terminals.

Speaker cord (not supplied)

Notes on speaker connections

Connect the left speaker to the SPEAKERS L
terminal and the right speaker to the
SPEAKERS R terminal.
Be sure to connect the speaker cords between
the speakers and the amplifier with the same
polarities (plus (+) to plus (+), minus (–) to
minus (–)).
By paying attention to the color or mark of the
speaker cord to be connected to the plus (+) or
minus (–) connector, you can always be sure of
connecting the cord correctly without
mistaking plus or minus.

Getting Started