Attach the i-alert™ condition monitor to the pump – Goulds Pumps 3196 i-FRAME - IOM User Manual

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Check vane tip to vane tip. If the total indicator reading is greater than 0.005 in. (0.13 mm),
determine the cause and correct the issue before you proceed.

For more information on how to set the impeller clearances, refer to the Impeller-clearance
checks and Impeller-clearance setting sections in Commissioning, Startup, Operation, and

Attach the i-ALERT™ Condition Monitor to the pump

Always wear protective gloves. The pump and condition monitor can be hot.

Tools required:

• 5/32 inch hex wrench

1. Attach the condition monitor (761B) to the bearing frame (228A) using the hex-head screw

(372T) provided.

2. Tighten the hex-head screw with a 5/32 inch hex wrench to 6 ft-lbs (8 Nm).


Model 3196 i-FRAME Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual