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3. Record the indicator readings.
4. Make corrections according to the separate instructions for angular and parallel alignment

until you obtain the permitted reading values.

C-face adapter

Intended use

The C-face adapter is a device that attaches the pump to the drive unit to minimize the axial
and radial play between the two coupling halves.


Figure 15: Example of the C-face adapter (340)

Alignment requirements

When you use a C-face adapter, you do not have to align the shaft. The rabbeted fittings of the
drive unit to the adapter and the adapter to the bearing frame automatically align the shaft to
within the specified limits.

Specified limits

A C-face adapter can attain a nominal alignment of 0.007 in. Total Indicated Runout (T.I.R.).
However, because of the stack-up of the machining tolerances of the various parts, the
alignment can be as high as 0.015 inches TIR.
If high reliability (with shaft alignments of less than 0.002 in. (0.05mm)) is required for the
pump, use a foot-mounted drive unit on a precision-machined baseplate and perform a
conventional alignment.

Grout the baseplate

Required equipment:

• Cleaners: Do not use an oil-based cleaner because the grout will not bond to it. See the

instructions provided by the grout manufacturer.

• Grout: Non-shrink grout is recommended.

1. Clean all the areas of the baseplate that will come into contact with the grout.
2. Build a dam around the foundation.
3. Thoroughly wet the foundation that will come into contact with the grout.
4. Pour grout through the grout hole into the baseplate up to the level of the dam.

When you pour the grout, remove air bubbles from it by using one of these methods:

• Puddle with a vibrator.

Model 3196 i-FRAME Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual