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Transportation and Storage

Figure 4: Example of a proper lifting method with a strap secured around the frame adapter

Storage guidelines

Pump storage requirements

Storage requirements depend on the amount of time that you store the unit. The normal
packaging is designed only to protect the unit during shipping.

Length of time in storage

Storage requirements

Upon receipt/short-term (less than six months)

• Store in a covered and dry location.
• Store the unit free from dirt and vibrations.

Long-term (more than six months)

• Store in a covered and dry location.
• Store the unit free from heat, dirt, and vibra-


• Rotate the shaft by hand several times at least

every three months.

Risk of damage to the mechanical seal or shaft sleeve on units supplied with cartridge
mechanical seals. Make sure to install and tighten the centering clips and loosen the set
screws in the seal locking ring.

Treat bearing and machined surfaces so that they are well preserved. Refer to drive unit and
coupling manufacturers for their long-term storage procedures.
You can purchase long-term storage treatment with the initial unit order or you can purchase it
and apply it after the units are already in the field. Contact your local ITT sales representative.


Table 2: Situations when the pump is or is not frostproof




The pump is frostproof.

Immersed in a liquid

The pump is frostproof.

Lifted out of a liquid into a temperature below

The impeller might freeze.



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