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Introduction and Safety

Introduction and Safety


Purpose of this manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide necessary information for:

• Installation

• Operation

• Maintenance

Read this manual carefully before installing and using the product. Improper use of the product can
cause personal injury and damage to property, and may void the warranty.

Save this manual for future reference, and keep it readily available at the location of the unit.

Requesting other information

Special versions can be supplied with supplementary instruction leaflets. See the sales
contract for any modifications or special version characteristics. For instructions, situations, or
events that are not considered in this manual or in the sales documents, please contact the
nearest ITT representative.
Always specify the exact product type and identification code when requesting technical
information or spare parts.



• The operator must be aware of safety precautions to prevent physical injury.
• Any pressure-containing device can explode, rupture, or discharge its contents if it is over-

pressurized. Take all necessary measures to avoid over-pressurization.

• Operating, installing, or maintaining the unit in any way that is not covered in this manual could

cause death, serious personal injury, or damage to the equipment. This includes any modification to
the equipment or use of parts not provided by ITT. If there is a question regarding the intended use of
the equipment, please contact an ITT representative before proceeding.

• This manual clearly identifies accepted methods for disassembling units. These methods must be

adhered to. Trapped liquid can rapidly expand and result in a violent explosion and injury. Never
apply heat to impellers, propellers, or their retaining devices to aid in their removal.

• Do not change the service application without the approval of an authorized ITT representative.

You must observe the instructions contained in this manual. Failure to do so could result in physical
injury, damage, or delays.


Model 3196 i-FRAME Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual