Disassemble the bearing frame – Goulds Pumps 3196 i-FRAME - IOM User Manual

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Labyrinth oil-seal O-rings are part of the 3196 maintenance kits, or they are sold

9. Remove the bearing housing (134) and bearings (112A) from the shaft (122) .

10. Remove the bearing locknut (136), the bearing lockwasher (382), and the outboard bearing


NOTICE:Use force only on the inner race when you press bearings off the shaft. Do not
use force in situations in which you might break a part. Doing so may result in equipment

Save the bearings for inspection. Do not reuse the bearings. Doing so may result in
decreased performance.

Disassemble the bearing frame

1. Remove these plugs from the bearing frame (228A).

• oil-fill plug (113A)

• oil-drain plug (408A)

• sight-oiler plug (408J)

• four oil mist/grease connection plugs (408H)

• oil-cooler inlet and outlet plugs (408L and 408M) or oil cooler


Model 3196 i-FRAME Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual