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Commissioning, Startup, Operation, and Shutdown

3. Replace the fill plug.

Lubricate the bearings with pure oil mist

Oil mist is an optional feature for this pump.
To lubricate bearings with pure oil mist, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of
the oil-mist generator.
The inlet connections are on the top of the bearing frame.

Greased-for-life bearing lubrication

The bearing manufacturer fills greased-for-life bearings with grease and seals them at the
factory. You do not need to lubricate or seal these bearings. Refer to the Maintenance chapter
for re-greasing and maintenance procedures for these bearings.

Shaft-sealing options

In most cases, the manufacturer seals the shaft before shipping the pump. If your pump does
not have a sealed shaft, see the Shaft-seal maintenance section in the Maintenance chapter.
This model uses these types of shaft seals:

• Cartridge mechanical seal

• Conventional inside-component mechanical seal

• Conventional outside-component mechanical seal

• Dynamic seal

• Packed-stuffing-box option

Mechanical seal options

Pumps are usually shipped with mechanical seals installed. If they are not, then refer to the
mechanical seal manufacturer's installation instructions.
These are the mechanical seal options for this pump:

• Cartridge mechanical seal

• Conventional inside component mechanical seal

• Conventional outside component mechanical seal

Connection of sealing liquid for mechanical seals

Seal lubrication is required

Seal faces must have liquid film between them for proper lubrication. Locate the taps using the
illustrations shipped with the seal.

Seal flushing methods

You can use these methods in order to flush or cool the seal:



Product flush

Run the piping so that the pump pushes the pumped fluid from the casing and
injects it into the seal gland. If necessary, an external heat exchanger cools the
pumped fluid before it enters the seal gland.

External flush

Run the piping so that the pump injects a clean, cool, compatible liquid directly into
the seal gland. The pressure of the flushing liquid must be 5 to 15 psi (0.35 to 1.01


) greater than the seal chamber pressure. The injection rate must be 0.5 to

2 gpm (2 to 8 lpm).


You can use other methods that employ multiple gland or seal chamber
connections. Refer to the mechanical seal reference drawing and piping diagrams.

Packed stuffing box option

Packed stuffing boxes are not allowed in an ATEX-classified environment.

The factory does not install the packing, lantern ring, or split gland.


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