Disassemble the power end (xlt-i and i17) – Goulds Pumps 3196 i-FRAME - IOM User Manual

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Labyrinth oil-seal O-rings are part of the 3196 maintenance kits, and they are sold

Disassemble the power end (XLT-i and i17)

1. Remove the bearing frame from the frame foot (241) using the frame-foot bolts (370F).

2. Remove the clamp screws (370C) and back off the jam nuts (423).
3. Tighten the jack screws (370D) evenly to move the bearing housing (134) out of the bearing

frame (228A).

4. Remove the shaft assembly from the bearing frame (228A).
5. Remove the jack screws (370D), the nuts (423), and the bearing housing O-ring.
6. Remove the inboard bearing (168A).

7. Remove the bolts (371C), the bearing end cover (109A), and the gasket (360C).
8. Remove the outboard labyrinth oil seal (332A) from the end cover (109A).

Model 3196 i-FRAME Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual