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Introduction and Safety

• Provide a suitable barrier around the work area, for example, a guard rail.

• Make sure that all safety guards are in place and secure.

• Make sure that you have a clear path of retreat.

• Make sure that the product cannot roll or fall over and injure people or damage property.

• Make sure that the lifting equipment is in good condition.

• Use a lifting harness, a safety line, and a breathing device as required.

• Allow all system and pump components to cool before you handle them.

• Make sure that the product has been thoroughly cleaned.

• Disconnect and lock out power before you service the pump.

• Check the explosion risk before you weld or use electric hand tools.

Precautions during work

Observe these safety precautions when you work with the product or are in connection with the

• Never work alone.

• Always wear protective clothing and hand protection.

• Stay clear of suspended loads.

• Always lift the product by its lifting device.

• Beware of the risk of a sudden start if the product is used with an automatic level control.

• Beware of the starting jerk, which can be powerful.

• Rinse the components in water after you disassemble the pump.

• Do not exceed the maximum working pressure of the pump.

• Do not open any vent or drain valve or remove any plugs while the system is pressurized.

Make sure that the pump is isolated from the system and that pressure is relieved before
you disassemble the pump, remove plugs, or disconnect piping.

• Never operate a pump without a properly installed coupling guard.

Hazardous liquids

The product is designed for use in liquids that can be hazardous to your health. Observe these
rules when you work with the product:

• Make sure that all personnel who work with biologically hazardous liquids are vaccinated

against diseases to which they may be exposed.

• Observe strict personal cleanliness.

Wash the skin and eyes

1. Follow these procedures for chemicals or hazardous fluids that have come into contact with

your eyes or your skin:



Chemicals or hazardous 1. Hold your eyelids apart forcibly with your fingers.

fluids in eyes

2. Rinse the eyes with eyewash or running water for at least

15 minutes.

3. Seek medical attention.

Chemicals or hazardous 1. Remove contaminated clothing.

fluids on skin

2. Wash the skin with soap and water for at least 1 minute.
3. Seek medical attention, if necessary.

Ex-approved products

Follow these special handling instructions if you have an Ex-approved unit.

Model 3196 i-FRAME Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual