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• When installing in a potentially explosive environment, make sure that the motor is properly certified.
• You must earth (ground) all electrical equipment. This applies to the pump equipment, the driver, and

any monitoring equipment. Test the earth (ground) lead to verify that it is connected correctly.

NOTICE:Supervision by an authorized ITT representative is recommended to ensure proper
installation. Failure to do so may result in equipment damage or decreased performance.

Pump location guidelines

Assembled units and their components are heavy. Failure to properly lift and support this equipment can
result in serious physical injury and/or equipment damage. Lift equipment only at the specifically identified
lifting points. Lifting devices such as eyebolts, slings, and spreaders must be rated, selected, and used for
the entire load being lifted.



Keep the pump as close to the liquid source as This minimizes the friction loss and keeps the
practically possible.

suction piping as short as possible.

Make sure that the space around the pump is

This facilitates ventilation, inspection, mainte-


nance, and service.

If you require lifting equipment such as a hoist This makes it easier to properly use the lifting
or tackle, make sure that there is enough

equipment and safely remove and relocate the

space above the pump.

components to a safe location.

Protect the unit from weather and water dam-

This is applicable if nothing else is specified.

age due to rain, flooding, and freezing temper-
Do not install and operate the equipment in

Acceptable devices:

closed systems unless the system is con-

• Pressure relief valves

structed with properly-sized safety devices and • Compression tanks

control devices.

• Pressure controls
• Temperature controls
• Flow controls
If the system does not include these devices,
consult the engineer or architect in charge
before you operate the pump.

Take into consideration the occurrence of

The best pump location for noise and vibration

unwanted noise and vibration.

absorption is on a concrete floor with subsoil

If the pump location is overhead, undertake

Consider a consultation with a noise specialist.

special precautions to reduce possible noise

Foundation requirements


• The foundation must be able to absorb any type of vibration and form a permanent, rigid

support for the unit.

• The location and size of the foundation bolt holes must match those shown on the

assembly drawing provided with the pump data package.

Model 3196 i-FRAME Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual