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Copying problems

Scanning problems



Copies are too light
or too dark.

Use Darkness to darken or lighten the

background of the copies.

Smears, lines,
marks, or spots
appears on copies.

If defects are on the original, press

to lighten the background of your


If no defects are on the original, clean the

scan unit. (See "Cleaning the scan unit" on

page 46.)

Copy image is

Ensure that the original is face down on the

scanner glass.

Check that the copy paper is loaded


Blank copies print

Ensure that the original is face down on the

scanner glass.

Image rubs off the
copy easily.

Replace the paper in the tray with paper

from a new package.

In high humidity areas, do not leave paper

in the machine for extended periods of


Frequent copy paper
jams occur.

Fan the stack of paper, then turn it over in

the tray. Replace the paper in the tray with

a fresh supply. Check/adjust the paper

guides, if necessary.

Ensure that the paper is the proper paper
weight. 75 g/m


(20 lb bond) paper is


Check for copy paper or pieces of copy

paper remaining in the machine after a

paper jam has been cleared.

Toner cartridge
produces fewer
copies than expected
before running out of

Your originals may contain pictures, solids,

or heavy lines. For example, your originals

may be forms, newsletters, books, or other

documents that use more toner.

The machine may be turned on and off


The scanner lid may be left open while

copies are being made.



The scanner does
not work.

Make sure that you place the original to be

scanned face down on the scanner glass.

There may not be enough available memory

to hold the document you want to scan. Try

the Prescan function to see if that works. Try

lowering the scan resolution rate.

Check that the USB cable is connected


Make sure that the USB cable is not

defective. Switch the cable with a known

good cable. If necessary, replace the cable.

Check that the scanner is configured

correctly. Check scan setting in the

SmarThru Configuration or the application

you want to use to make certain that the

scanner job is being sent to the correct port.

The unit scans very

Check if the machine is printing received

data. If so, scan the document after the

received data has been printed.

Graphics are scanned more slowly than text.

Communication speed slows in scan mode

because of the large amount of memory

required to analyze and reproduce the

scanned image. Set your computer to the

ECP printer mode through BIOS setting. It

will help to increase the speed. For details

about how to set BIOS, refer to your

computer user’s guide.

Message appears on
your computer

“Device can't be

set to the H/W

mode you want.”

“Port is being used

by another


“Port is Disabled.

“Scanner is busy

receiving or

printing data.

When the current

job is completed,

try again.”

“Invalid handle.”

“Scanning has


There may be a copying or printing job in

progress. When that job is complete, try your

job again.

The Selected port is currently being used.

Restart your computer and try again.

The printer cable may be improperly

connected or the power may be off.

The scanner driver is not installed or the

operating environment is not set up properly.

Ensure that the machine is properly

connected and the power is on, Then restart

your computer.

The USB cable may be improperly

connected or the power may be off.

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