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Fax problems

Common Windows problems



The machine is not
working, there is no
display and the
buttons are not

Unplug the power cord and plug it in again.

Ensure that there is power to the electrical


No dial tone sounds.

Check that the phone line is connected


Check that the phone socket in the wall is

working by plugging in another phone.

The numbers stored
in memory do not
dial correctly.

Make sure that the numbers are stored in

memory correctly. Print a Address Book list,

referring to page 59.

The original does not
feed into the

Make sure that the paper is not wrinkled and

you are putting it in correctly. Check that the

original is the right size, not too thick or thin

Make sure that the ADF is firmly closed.

The ADF rubber pad may need to be

replaced. Contact a service representative.

Faxes are not

The receiving mode should be set to Fax.

Make sure that there is paper in the tray.

Check to see if the display shows any error

message. If it does, clear the problem.

The machine does
not send.

Make sure that the original is loaded in the

ADF or on the scanner glass.


should show up on the display.

Check the fax machine you are sending to,

to see if it can receive your fax.

The incoming fax has
blank spaces or is of

The fax machine sending you the fax may

be faulty.

A noisy phone line can cause line errors.

Check your machine by making a copy.

The toner cartridge may be empty. Replace

the toner cartridge, referring to page 68.

Some of the words
on an incoming fax
are stretched.

The fax machine sending you the fax had a

temporary document jam.

There are lines on
the originals you

Check your scan unit for marks and clean it.

(See "Cleaning the scan unit" on page 66.)

The machine dials a
number, but a
connection with the
other fax machine

The other fax machine may be turned off, out

of paper, or cannot answer incoming calls.

Speak with the other machine operator and

ask her/him to sort out the problem.

Faxes do not store in

There may not be enough memory space to

store the fax. If the display shows the Memory

message, delete from memory any faxes

you no longer need and then try again to store

the fax.

Blank areas appear
at the bottom of each
page or on other
pages, with a small
strip of text at the

You may have chosen the wrong paper

settings in the user option setting. For details

about paper settings, see "Selecting print

media" on page 38.



“File in Use”
message appears
during installation.

Exit all software applications. Remove all

software from the StartUp Group, then restart

Windows. Reinstall the printer driver.

“General Protection
Fault”, “Exception
OE”, “Spool32”, or
“Illegal Operation”
messages appear.

Close all other applications, reboot Windows

and try printing again.

“Fail To Print”, “A
printer timeout error
occurred.” messages

These messages may appear during printing.

Just keep waiting until the machine finishes

printing. If the message appears in ready mode

or after printing has been completed, check the

connection and/or whether an error has


Refer to the Microsoft Windows documentation that came with your

computer for further information on Windows error messages.



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