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Page 47: Setting scan information in samsung scan manager, Scanning to application programs

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Scanning with your machine lets you turn pictures and text into digital files that can be stored on your computer.

This chapter includes:

Scanning basics

Scanning from the control panel

Scanning by a network connection

Changing the settings for each scan job

Changing the default scan settings

Setting up Address Book


You can scan the originals with your machine via an USB cable or the


Samsung Scan Manager:

You just walk to the machine with the

originals and scan them from the control panel then, the scanned data

will be stored in the connected computers My Documents folder. When

the setup installation is completed, then you have installed the
Samsung Scan Manager

on your computer already. This feature can

be used via the local connection or the network connection. See next



TWAIN is the one of preset imaging applications. Scanning an

image launches the selected application, enabling you to control the

scanning process. See Software section. This feature can be used via

the local connection or the network connection. See Software section.

Samsung SmarThru 4 :

This feature is the accompanying software for

your machine. You can use this program to scan images or documents,

and this feature can be used via the local connection or the network

connection. See Software section.


WIA stands for Windows Images Acquisition. To use this feature

your computer must be connected directly to the machine with a USB

cable. See Software section.


You can send the scanned image as an attachment to an email.

(See "Registering authorized users" on page 48.)


Your machine offers you to scan from the control panel and easily send the

scanned document to connected computer's My Documents folder. In

order to use this function, your machine and computer must be connect by

USB cable or by network.

Also, with the offered Samsung Scan Manager program, scanned

documents can be opened with the program you have setup previously.

Such as Microsoft Paint, Email, SmarThru 4, OCR can be added to

application program. See "Setting scan information in Samsung Scan

Manager." on page 47.
Scanned images can be saved as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PDF files.

Setting scan information in Samsung Scan Manager.

You can find out about Samsung Scan Manager program information and

installed scan driver's condition. Also, you can change scan settings and

add or delete the folders where scanned documents to computer are save in
Samsung Scan Manager



Press Start>Control Panel> Samsung Scan Manager.
Samsung Scan Manager

Administration appears.


Select the appropriate machine from the Samsung Scan Manager.


Press Properties.

4. Set Scan Button

allows you to change the saving destination and scan

settings, add or delete application program and format files.
You can change the scanning machine by using Change Port. (Local or



Press OK after setting is done.

Scanning to application programs


Make sure that your machine and computer are turned on and properly

connected to each other.


Load originals face up into the ADF, or place a single original face down

on the scanner glass.
For details about loading an original. (See "Loading originals" on

page 37.)


Press Scan/Email.
Ready to Scan

appears on the top line of the display.


Press the left/right arrow until Scan to PC appears on the bottom line of

the display and press OK.

The maximum resolution that can be achieved depends upon various

factors, including computer speed, available disk space, memory, the

size of the image being scanned, and bit depth settings. Thus,

depending on your system and what you are scanning, you may not

be able to scan at certain resolutions, especially using enhanced


Scan Manager program can only be used in the Window and

Macintosh system. If you use the Macintosh, See Software section.

You can open Samsung Scan Manager by pressing the Smart

icon's right in the window task bar.

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