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Basic Printing


Layout Tab

The Layout tab provides options to adjust how the document
appears on the printed page. The Layout Options includes
Multiple Pages per Side, Poster Printing and Booklet
. See “Printing a Document” on page 12 for more
information on accessing printer properties.

Paper Orientation

Paper Orientation allows you to select the direction in which
information is printed on a page.
Portrait prints across the width of the page, letter style.
Landscape prints across the length of the page, spreadsheet


Rotate 180 Degrees allows you to rotate the page, 180


Layout Options

Layout Options allows you to select advanced printing options.
You can choose Multiple Pages per Side and Poster Printing.
• For details, see “Printing Multiple Pages on One Sheet of Paper

(N-Up Printing)” on page 17.

• For details, see “Printing Posters” on page 18
• For details, see “Printing Booklets” on page 18

Double-sided Printing (Manual)

Double-sided Printing allows you to print on both sides of
• For details, see “Printing on Both Sides of Paper” on page 19.



Paper Tab

Use the following options to set the basic paper handling
specifications when you access the printer properties. See
“Printing a Document” on page 12 for more information on
accessing printer properties.
Click the Paper tab to access various paper properties.


Copies allows you to choose the number of copies to be printed.
You can select 1 to 999 copies.

Paper Options


Size allows you to set the size of paper you loaded in the tray.
If the required size is not listed in the Size box, click Custom.
When the Custom Paper Setting window appears, set the paper
size and click OK. The setting appears in the list so that you can
select it.


Make sure that Source is set to the corresponding paper tray.
Use Manual Feeder when printing on special materials like
envelopes and transparencies.


Set Type to correspond to the paper loaded in the tray from
which you want to print. This will let you get the best quality
printout. If not, print quality may not be acheived as you want.
Thick Paper: 24 lb to 28 lb (90~105 g/m


) thick paper.

Thin Paper: 16 lb to 19 lb (60~70 g/m


) thin paper.

Cotton: 20 lb to 24 lb (75~90 g/m


) cotton paper such as Gilbert

25 % and Gilbert 100 %.
Plain Paper: Normal plain paper. Select this type if your printer is
monochrome and printing on the 16 lb (60 g/m


) cotton paper.

Recycled Paper: 20 lb to 24 lb (75~90 g/m


) recycled paper.

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