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Basic Printing


Color Paper: 20 lb to 24 lb (75~90 g/m


) color-backgrounded

Archive Paper: If you need to keep print-out for a long period
time such as archives, select this option.

Scaling Printing

Scaling Printing allows you to automatically or manually scale
your print job on a page. You can choose from None, Reduce/
, and Fit to Page.
• For details, see “Printing a Reduced or Enlarged Document” on

page 19.

• For details, see “Fitting Your Document to a Selected Paper

Size” on page 19.

Graphics Tab

Use the following Graphic options to adjust the print quality for
your specific printing needs. See “Printing a Document” on
page 12 for m
ore information on accessing printer properties.
Click the Graphic tab to display the properties shown below.


The Quality options you can select may vary depending
on your printer model.

The higher the setting, the sharper the

clarity of printed characters and graphics. The higher setting also
may increase the time it takes to print a document.

Color Mode
You can choose color options. Setting to Color typically produces
the best possible print quality for color documents. If you want to
print a color document in grayscale, select Grayscale. If you
want to adjust the color options manually, select Manual and
click the Color Adjust or Color Matching button.
Copies Setting : In order to use this option, first you need to

set total number of copies from Paper tab. When you make
several copies, and if you want to print some copies in color and
some in grayscale, use this option and select the number of
copies in grayscale.

Color Adjust : You can adjust the appearance of images by

changing the settings in the Levels option.

Color Matching : You can adjust the appearance of images by

changing the settings in the Settings option.

Advanced Options

You can set advanced settings by clicking the Advanced
Print All Text To Black: When the Print All Text To

Black option is checked, all text in your document prints solid
black, regardless of the color it appears on the screen.

Print All Text To Darken: When the Print All Text To

Darken option is checked, all text in your document is allowed
to print darker than on a normal document.

Grayscale Enhancement: Press the Smart Color tab. It

allows users to preserve the details of nature photos, and
improve contrast and readability among gray scaled colors,
when printing color documents in grayscale.

Fine Edge: Press the Smart Color tab. It allows users to

emphasize edges of texts and fine lines for improving
readability and align each color channel registration in color
printing mode.

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