Network parameter setting, Restoring factory default settings, Configuring the machine’s wireless network – Samsung CLX-3175FN User Manual

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Follow the instructions in the window and complete the installation.

Starting the program


Connect your machine and the computer using crossover network



Temporarily disable the computer firewall before continuing by doing
the following:


From the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > Samsung
Network Printer Utilities

> SetIP > SetIP.


Click on the

icon (third from left) in the SetIP window to open the

TCP/IP configuration window.


Enter the machine’s new information into the configuration window

as follows:

MAC Address

: Find the machine’s MAC address from the Network

Configuration Report and enter it without the colons.
For example, 00:15:99:29:51:A8 becomes 0015992951A8.

IP Address

: Enter a new IP address for your printer the same as the

computer’s IP address except for the last number.

For example, if your computer’s IP address is, enter

192.168.1.X. (X is number between 1 and 254 other than the

computer’s address.)

Subnet Mask

: Enter this exactly the same as the computer’s Subnet


Default Gateway

: Enter this exactly the same as the computer’s

Default Gateway.


Click Apply, and then click OK. The machine will automatically print

the Configuration report. Confirm that all the settings are correct.


Click Exit to close the SetIP program.


If necessary, restart the computer’s firewall.

Network parameter setting

You can also set up the various network settings through the network

administration programs.

SyncThru™ Web Admin Service

: Web-based printer management

solution for network administrators. SyncThru™ Web Admin Service

provides you with an efficient way of managing network devices and lets

you remotely monitor and troubleshoot network machines from any site

with corporate internet access. Download this program from



SyncThru™ Web Service

: Web server embedded on your network print

server, which allows you to: (A) Configure the network parameters

necessary for the machine to connect to various network environments.

(B) Customize machine settings.

Restoring factory default settings

You can restore factory default settings to the machine by using SyncThru™
Web Service

. You may need to reset the machine to the factory default

settings when machine that you are using is connected to new network


Restoring factory default settings using SyncThru™
Web Service


Start a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox and

enter your machine’s new IP address in the browser window.

For example,


When the SyncThru™ Web Service window opens, click Network



Click Reset. Then, click Clear for network.


Turn off and restart machine to apply settings.

Configuring the machine’s wireless network

Before starting you will need to know the SSID of your wireless network and

the Network Key if it is encrypted. This information was set when the access

point was installed. If you do not know about your wireless environment,

please ask the person who has set up your network.
To configure wireless parameters, you can use both control panel and
SyncThru™ Web Service

. If your machine has control panel, refer to ‘Using

the control panel’. Otherwise refer to ‘Using SyncThru™ Web Service.

Using the control panel


Press Menu on the control panel until you see Network on the

bottom line of the display and press OK.


Press the left/right arrow until Wireless appears and press OK.


Press the left/right arrow until WLAN Setting appears and press OK.

Windows XP

Open Control Panel.

Double click Security


Click Windows Firewall.

Disable the firewall.

Macintosh OS

Open System


Click Sharing.

Click the Firewall menu.

Turn firewall off.

MAC address is a hardware serial number of the machine’s

network interface and can be found in the Network
Configuration Report


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