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Using USB memory device

using USB memory device

This chapter explains how to use a USB memory device with your machine.

This chapter includes:

About USB memory

Plugging in a USB memory device

Scanning to a USB memory device

Printing from a USB memory device

Backing up data

Managing USB memory

Printing directly from a digital camera


USB memory devices are available with a variety of memory capacities to

give you more room for storing documents, presentations, downloaded

music and videos, high resolution photographs, or whatever other files you

want to store or move.

You can do the following on your machine using a USB memory device:

Scan documents and save them on a USB memory device.

Print data stored on a USB memory device.

Back up Address Book/ Phone Book entries and the system settings

of your machine.

Restore backup files to the machine’s memory.

Format the USB memory device.

Check the available memory space.


The USB memory port on the front of your machine is designed for USB

V1.1 and USB V2.0 memory devices. Your machine supports USB memory

devices with FAT16/FAT32 and sector size of 512 bytes.

Check your USB memory device’s file system from your dealer.

You must use only an authorized USB memory device with an A plug type


Use only a metal-shielded USB memory device.

Insert a USB memory device into the USB memory port on the front of your

Do not remove the USB memory device while the machine is in

operation, or writing to or reading from USB memory. The

machine warranty does not cover damage caused by use’s


If your USB memory device has certain features (example,

security key, security partition, booting disk, password settings

and so forth), do not use the USB memory device with your

machine. The files stored in the USB memory device may be

corrupted, or the machine may not automatically detect it. For

details about these features, see device’s User’s Guide.

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