Samsung CLX-3175FN User Manual

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Installing Printer Software in Windows


network, enter the port name and the IP address for the

To verify your printer’s IP address or the MAC address,
print a Network Configuration page.

• To find a shared network printer (UNC Path), select

Shared Printer [UNC] and enter the shared name
manually or find a shared printer by clicking the Browse



: If you cannot find your machine in network, please turn

off the firewall and click Update.
For Windows operating system, click StartControl Panel
and start windows firewall, and set this option unactivated. For
other operating system, refer to its on-line guide.



: If you want to set a specific IP address on a specific

network printer, click the Set IP Address button. The Set IP

Address window appears. Do as follows:

a. Select a printer to be set with a specific IP address from the


b. Configure an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway for the

printer manually and click Configure to set the specific IP
address for the network printer.

c. Click Next.
• You can also set the network printer via SyncThruTM Web

Service, an embedded web server. Click Launch SWS on

Set IP Address window. Your machine’s embedded website



Select the components to be installed. After selecting the
components, the following window appears. You can also
change the printer name, set the printer to be shared on

the network, set the printer as the default printer, and
change the port name of each printer. Click Next.

To install this software on a server, select the Setting up
this printer on a server


After the installation is finished, a window appears asking
you to print a test page and to register yourself as a user
of Samsung Printers in order to receive information from
Samsung. If you so desire, select the corresponding
checkbox(es) and click Finish.

Otherwise, just click Finish.



: After setup is complete, if your printer driver doesn’t

work properly, reinstall the printer driver. See “Reinstalling
Printer Software” on page 10.

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