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Using Your Printer with a Macintosh



The Graphics tab provides options for selecting Quality and
Color Mode. Select Graphics form the Presets' drop-down
list to access the graphic features.

Quality: You can select the printing resolution. The

higher the setting, the sharper the clarity of printed
characters and graphics. The higher setting also may
increase the time it takes to print a document.

Color Mode: You can set the color options. Setting to

Color typically produces the best possible print quality
for color documents. If you want to print a color
document in grayscale, select Grayscale.


Set Paper Type to correspond to the paper loaded in the tray
from which you want to print. This will let you get the best
quality printout. If you load a different type of print material,
select the corresponding paper type.

▲ Mac OS 10.4

▲ Mac OS 10.4

Printing Multiple Pages on One Sheet
of Paper

You can print more than one page on a single sheet of paper.
This feature provides a cost-effective way to print draft pages.


From your Macintosh application, select Print from the
File menu.


Select Layout.


Select the number of pages you want to print on one sheet
of paper on the Pages per Sheet drop-down list.


Select the page order from the Layout Direction option.
To print a border around each page on the sheet, select
the option you want from the Border drop-down list.


Click Print, and the printer prints the selected number of
pages on one side of each page.

▲ Mac OS 10.3

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