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Using Your Printer in Linux


Printing a Document

Printing from Applications

There are a lot of Linux applications that you are allowed to
print from using Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS). You
can print on your machine from any such application.


From the application you are using, select Print from the
File menu.


Select Print directly using lpr.


In the LPR GUI window, select the model name of your
machine from the Printer list and click Properties.


Change the printer and print job properties.


The following four tabs display at the top of the window.

General - allows you to change the paper size, the paper

type, and the orientation of the documents, enables the
duplex feature, adds start and end banners, and changes
the number of pages per sheet.

Text - allows you to specify the page margins and set the

text options, such as spacing or columns.

Graphics - allows you to set image options that are used

when printing images/files, such as color options, image
size, or image position.

Device: allows you to set the print resolution, paper

source, and destination.


Click Apply to apply the changes and close the Properties


Click OK in the LPR GUI window to start printing.


The Printing window appears, allowing you to monitor the
status of your print job.

To abort the current job, click Cancel.

Printing Files

You can print many different types of files on the Samsung
machine device using the standard CUPS way - directly from
the command line interface. The CUPS lpr utility allows you do
that. But the drivers package replaces the standard lpr tool by
a much more user-friendly LPR GUI program.
To print any document file:



lpr <file_name>

from the Linux shell command

line and press Enter. The LPR GUI window appears.

When you type only


and press Enter, the Select

file(s) to print window appears first. Just select any files
you want to print and click Open.


In the LPR GUI window, select your printer from the list,
and change the printer and print job properties.

For details about the properties window, see page 33.


Click OK to start printing.

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