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Installing Printer Software in Windows



Installing Printer

Software in Windows

This chapter includes:
Installing Printer Software
Reinstalling Printer Software
Removing Printer Software
Installing mono printer driver



: The following procedure is based on Windows XP, for

other operating systems, refer to the corresponding Windows
user's guide or online help.

Installing Printer Software

You can install the printer software for local printing or network
printing. To install the printer software on the computer,
perform the appropriate installation procedure depending on
the printer in use.

A printer driver is software that lets your computer
communicate with your printer. The procedure to install drivers
may differ depending on the operating system you are using.
All applications should be closed on your PC before beginning

Installing Software for Local Printing

A local printer is a printer directly attached to your computer
using the printer cable supplied with your printer, such as a USB
or parallel cable. If your printer is attached to a network, skip
this step and go to “Installing Software for Network Printing” on
page 7.

You can install the printer software using the typical or custom



: If the “New Hardware Wizard” window appears during

the installation procedure, click

in the upper right corner of

the box to close the window, or click Cancel.

Typical Installation

This is recommended for most users. All components necessary
for printer operations will be installed.


Make sure that the printer is connected to your computer
and powered on.


Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
The CD-ROM should automatically run, and an installation
window appears.
If the installation window does not appear, click Start and
then Run. Type X:\Setup.exe, replacing “X” with the
letter which represents your drive and click OK.
If you use Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server
2008 R2, click StartAll programsAccessories
Run, and type X:\Setup.exe.
If the AutoPlay window appears in Windows vista,
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, click Run
Setup.exe in Install or run program field, and click
Continue in the User Account Control window.


Click Next.

• If necessary, select a language from the drop-down list.


Select Typical installation for a local printer. Click

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