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Basic Printing


Extras Tab

You can select output options for your document. See “Printing
a Document” on page 12
for more information about accessing
the printer properties.
Click the Extras tab to access the following feature:

You can create a background text image to be printed on each
page of your document. For details, see “Using Watermarks” on
page 20

Overlays are often used to take the place of preprinted forms and
letterhead paper. For details, see “Using Overlays” on page 21.

Output Options
Print Subset: You can set the sequence in which the pages

print. Select the print order from the drop-down list.

- Normal (1,2,3): Your printer prints all pages from the first

page to the last page.

- Reverse All Pages (3,2,1): Your printer prints all pages

from the last page to the first page.

- Print Odd Pages: Your printer prints only the odd numbered

pages of the document.

- Print Even Pages: Your printer prints only the even

numbered pages of the document.

About Tab

Use the About tab to display the copyright notice and the
version number of the driver. If you have an Internet browser,
you can connect to the Internet by clicking on the web site icon.
See “Printing a Document” on page 12 for more information
about accessing printer properties.

Using a Favorite Setting

The Favorites option, which is visible on each properties tab,
allows you to save the current properties settings for future
To save a Favorites item:


Change the settings as needed on each tab.


Enter a name for the item in the Favorites input box.


Click Save.
When you save Favorites, all current driver settings are

To use a saved setting, select the item from the Favorites drop
down list. The printer is now set to print according to the
Favorites setting you selected.
To delete a Favorites item, select it from the list and click
You can also restore the printer driver’s default settings by
selecting Printer Default from the list.

Using Help

Your printer has a help screen that can be activated by clicking
the Help button in the printer properties window. These help
screens give detailed information about the printer features
provided by the printer driver.
You can also click

from the upper right corner of the window,

and then click on any setting.

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