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Common Windows problems

Common Linux problems



“File in Use”
message appears
during installation.

Exit all software applications. Remove all

software from the StartUp Group, then restart

Windows. Reinstall the printer driver.

“General Protection
Fault”, “Exception
OE”, “Spool32”, or
“Illegal Operation”
messages appear.

Close all other applications, reboot Windows

and try printing again.

“Fail To Print”, “A
printer timeout error
occurred.” messages

These messages may appear during printing.

Just keep waiting until the machine finishes

printing. If the message appears in ready mode

or after printing has been completed, check the

connection and/or whether an error has


Refer to the Microsoft Windows documentation that came with your

computer for further information on Windows error messages.



The machine does
not print.

Check if the printer driver is installed in your

system. Open Unified Driver configurator

and switch to the Printers tab in Printers

configuration window to look at the list of

available printers. Make sure that your

machine is displayed on the list. If not, invoke

Add new printer wizard to set up your device.

Check if the printer is started. Open Printers

configuration and select your machine on the

printers list. Look at the description in the

Selected printer pane. If its status contains

“(stopped)” string, press the Start button.

After that normal operation of the printer

should be restored. The “stopped” status

might be activated when some problems in

printing occurred. For instance, this could be

an attempt to print document when port is

claimed by a scanning application.

Check if the port is not busy. Since functional

components of MFP (printer and scanner)

share the same I/O interface (port), the

situation of simultaneous access of different

“consumer” application to the same port is

possible. To avoid possible conflicts, only

one of them at a time is allowed to gain

control over the device. The other

“consumer” will encounter “device busy”

response. You should open ports

configuration and select the port assigned to

your printer. In the Selected port pane you

can see if the port is occupied by some other

application. If this is the case, you should

wait for completion of the current job or

should press Release port button, if you are

sure that the present owner is not functioning


Check if your application has special print

option such as “-oraw”. If “-oraw” is specified

in the command line parameter then remove

it to print properly. For Gimp front-end, select

“print” -> “Setup printer” and edit command

line parameter in the command item.

The CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)

version distributed with SuSE Linux 9.2

(cups-1.1.21) has a problem with ipp

(Internet Printing Protocol) printing.Use the

socket printing instead of ipp or install later

version of CUPS (cups-1.1.22 or higher).

Some color images
come out all black.

This is a known bug in Ghostscript (until GNU

Ghostscript version 7.05) when the base color

space of the document is indexed color space

and it is converted through CIE color space.

Because Postscript uses CIE color space for

Color Matching System, you should upgrade

Ghostscript on your system to at least GNU

Ghostscript version 7.06 or later. You can find

recent Ghostscript versions at

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