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Using Your Printer in Linux


Printers Configuration

Printers configuration has the two tabs: Printers and Classes.

Printers Tab

You can see the current system’s printer configuration by
clicking on the printer icon button on the left side of the Unified
Driver Configurator window.

You can use the following printer control buttons:
Refresh: renews the available printers list.
Add Printer: allows you to add a new printer.
Remove Printer: removes the selected printer.
Set as Default: sets the current printer as a default


Stop/Start: stops/starts the printer.
Test: allows you to print a test page to check if the

machine is working properly.

Properties: allows you to view and change the printer

properties. For details, see page 32.

Shows all of the
installed printer.

Switches to Printer

Shows the status,
model name and
URI of your printer.

Classes Tab

The Classes tab shows a list of available printer classes.

Refresh : Renews the classes list.
Add Class... : Allows you to add a new printer class.
Remove Class : Removes the selected printer class.

Scanners Configuration

In this window, you can monitor the activity of scanner devices,
view a list of installed Samsung MFP devices, change device
properties, and scan images.

Properties... : Allows you to change the scan properties

and scan a document. See page 34.

Drivers... : Allows you to monitor the activity of the scan drivers.

Shows the status of the
class and the number of
printers in the class.

Shows all of the
printer classes.

Switches to

Shows all of the
installed scanners.

Shows the vendor,
model name and type
of your scanner.

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