Common macintosh problems – Samsung CLX-3175FN User Manual

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Common Macintosh problems

The machine does
not scan.

Check if a document is loaded into the


Check if your machine is connected to the

computer. Make sure if it is connected properly

if I/O error is reported while scanning.

Check if the port is not busy. Since functional

components of MFP (printer and scanner)

share the same I/O interface (port), the

situation of simultaneous access of different

“consumer” application to the same port is

possible. To avoid possible conflicts, only one

of them at a time is allowed to gain control over

the device. The other “consumer” will

encounter “device busy” response. This can

usually happen while starting scan procedure,

and appropriate message box will be displayed.

To identify the source of the problem, you

should open ports configuration and select the

port assigned to your scanner. port’s symbol /

dev/mfp0 corresponds to LP:0 designation

displayed in the scanners’ options, /dev/mfp1

relates to LP:1 and so on. USB ports start at /

dev/mfp4, so scanner on USB:0 relates to /dev/

mfp4 respectively and so forth sequentially. In

the Selected port pane you can see if the port is

occupied by some other application. If this is

the case, you should wait for completion of the

current job or should press Release port

button, if you are sure that the present port’s

owner is not functioning properly.

Refer to Linux User’s Guide that came with your computer for further

information on Linux error messages.



The printer does not
print PDF file correctly.
Some parts of graphics,
text, or illustrations are

Incompatibility between the PDF file and

the Acrobat products:

Printing the PDF file as an image may

solve this problem. Turn on Print As

from the Acrobat printing options.

It will take longer to print when

you print a PDF file as an image.

The document has
printed, but the print job
has not disappeared
from the spooler in Mac
OS 10.3.2.

Update your Mac OS to OS 10.3.3. or


Some letters are not
displayed normally
during the Cover page

This problem is caused because Mac OS

cannot create the font during the Cover

page printing. English alphabet and

numbers are displayed normally at the

Cover page.

Refer to Mac OS User’s Guide that came with your computer for

further information on Mac OS error messages.



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