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values for the printer. Before entering the IP address for the printer,

you must know the computerís network configuration information. If

the computer is set to DHCP, you must contact the network

administrator to get the static IP address.



If computer’s network information is as below:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Printer’s network information should be as below:

IP address: 169.254.133. 43 (Use computer’s IP address, with

changed last three digits.)

Subnet Mask: (Use the computer’s subnet mask.)

Gateway: (Change the last three digits from IP

address of your printer to 1.)


The wireless network is connecting according to the network



When the wireless network setting is completed, disconnect the USB

cable between the computer and machine.


Select the components to be installed. After selecting the

components, you can also change the printer name, set the printer to

be shared on the network, set the printer as the default printer, and

change the port name of each printer. Click Next.


After the installation is finished, a window appears asking you to print

a test page and to register yourself as a user of Samsung Printers in

order to receive information from Samsung. If you desire, select the

corresponding checkbox(es) and click Finish.


When installing the Printer Software CD and setting the wireless

network, the error window may appears. Follow the next solutions.
Printer Not Found

Your computer or printer may not turned on. Turn on your computer

or printer.

USB cable is not connected between your computer and printer.

Connect printer to your computer using USB cable.

The printer does not support wireless network. Check the printer

manual and prepare wireless network printer.

Connecting Failure

- Not Found SSID

The printer is unable to search network name (SSID) which is

selected or entered name form you. Check the network name (SSID)

on your access point and retry to connect.

Your access point is not turned on. Turn on your access point.

Connecting Failure

- Invalid Security

You configured security incorrectly. Check the configured security on

your access point and printer.
Connecting Failure

- General Connection Error

Your computer is not receiving a signal form your printer. Check the

USB cable and your printer power.
Connecting Failure

- Connected Wired Network

Your printer is connected wired network cable. Remove the wired

network cable form your printer.
PC Connecting Error
The configured network address is unable to connect between your

computer and printer.

For DHCP network environment

The print receives the IP address automatically (DHCP) when

computer is configured DHCP.

For Static network environment

The printer uses the static address when computer is configured

static address.If computer is configured IP address as, Subnet address as and Gateway

address as, input IP address as, Subnet

address as and Gateway address as on

your printer.


You must set up the network protocols on your machine to use it on your

network. This chapter will show you how this is easily accomplished.
Before starting, please locate the crossover network cable and the Printer

Software Installation CD-ROM provided with your machine (;printer). You

may need to contact a network administrator or the person who has set up

your wireless network for information regarding the configuration.
If you are already aware of your machine’s IP address configuration and this

IP address is available, you may go to Configuring the machine’s
wireless network

part directly. Otherwise you have to follow all steps from

Checking your Network Environments


Checking your Network Environments

IP address

Every device in a network is identified by a unique numerical address

called an IP Address. Your machine came with a default IP address of, and you can verify this by printing out a Network

Configuration Report. In most cases a new IP address will be

automatically assigned by a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration

Protocol Server) located on the network.
In a few situations the IP address must be set manually. This is called a

static IP and is often required in corporate Intranets for security reasons.

We have provided an easy to use utility program on the Printer Software

CD-ROM named SetIP that can change the address for you.
If your machine has a control panel, you may also change the IP

address using the control panel.
In an office environment, we recommend that you contact a network

administrator to set this address for you.

Wireless Networks

Infrastructure mode

: An Infrastructure mode network is the most

common wireless network configuration in a home or office

consisting of a wireless router, or an access point, that connects all

the computers and other networked devices into a common local

area network (LAN).

The access point provides a special high speed connection to a

Cable or DSL modem or other wide area network (WAN) device that

connects the LAN to the Internet or a Corporate Intranet. Most

Infrastructure mode networks use a DHCP Server to automatically

This wireless setting procedure is mainly for Macintosh users.

However, Windows users can also use this procedure too, but it is

recommended to use the easier procedure. (See "Using a wireless

network(Windows/CLX-3175FW only)" on page 27.)

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