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Using Your Printer in Linux


Ports Configuration

In this window, you can view the list of available ports, check
the status of each port and release a port that is stalled in busy
state when its owner is terminated for any reason.

Refresh : Renews the available ports list.
Release port : Releases the selected port.

Sharing Ports Between Printers and Scanners

Your machine may be connected to a host computer via the
parallel port or USB port. Since the MFP device contains more
than one device (printer and scanner), it is necessary to
organize proper access of “consumer” applications to these
devices via the single I/O port.
The Samsung Unified Linux Driver package provides an
appropriate port sharing mechanism that is used by Samsung
printer and scanner drivers. The drivers address their devices
via so-called MFP ports. The current status of any MFP port can
be viewed via the Ports Configuration. The port sharing
prevents you from accessing one functional block of the MFP
device, while another block is in use.
When you install a new MFP device onto your system, it is
strongly recommended you do this with the assistance of an
Unified Driver Configurator. In this case you will be asked to
choose I/O port for the new device. This choice will provide the
most suitable configuration for MFP’s functionality. For MFP
scanners I/O ports are being chosen by scanner drivers
automatically, so proper settings are applied by default.

Switches to

Shows the port type,
device connected to
the port and status

Shows all of the
available ports.

Configuring Printer Properties

Using the properties window provided by the Printers
configuration, you can change the various properties for your
machine as a printer.


Open the Unified Driver Configurator.

If necessary, switch to Printers configuration.


Select your machine on the available printers list and click


The Printer Properties window opens.

The following five tabs display at the top of the window:

General: allows you to change the printer location and

name. The name entered in this tab displays on the
printer list in Printers configuration.

Connection: allows you to view or select another port. If

you change the printer port from USB to parallel or vice
versa while in use, you must re-configure the printer port
in this tab.

Driver: allows you to view or select another printer

driver. By clicking Options, you can set the default
device options.

Jobs: shows the list of print jobs. Click Cancel job to

cancel the selected job and select the Show completed
check box to see previous jobs on the job list.

Classes: shows the class that your printer is in. Click

Add to Class to add your printer to a specific class or
click Remove from Class to remove the printer from the
selected class.


Click OK to apply the changes and close the Printer
Properties Window.

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