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Page 25: Printing configuration report, Setting ip address

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You need to set up the network protocols on the machine (;printer) to use it

in the network environment. If you use your machine in the wired network,

refer to 'Using a wired network'. If you use your network printer in the

wireless network, refer to "Using a wireless network(Windows/CLX-3175FW

only)" on page 27.

Supported operation environments

The following table shows the network environments supported by the



You must set up the network protocols on your printer to use it on your

network. This chapter will show you how this is easily accomplished.

Printing Configuration report

You can print a Network Configuration Report from the machine's control

panel that will show the current machine’s network settings. This will help

you to set up a network and troubleshooting problems.
Please review your machines User's Guide to learn of more details. Using

this Network Configuration Report, you can find your machine’s MAC

address and IP address.
For example:

MAC Address : 00:15:99:41:A2:78

IP Address :

Setting IP address

Firstly, you have to set up an IP address for network printing and

managements. In most cases a new IP address will be automatically

assigned by a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server) located

on the network.
In a few situations the IP address must be set manually. This is called a

static IP and is often required in corporate Intranets for security reasons.

DHCP IP assignment

: Connect your machine to the network, and wait

a few minutes for the DHCP server to assign an IP address to the

machine. Then, print the Network Configuration Report as explained

above. If the report shows that the IP address has changed, the

assignment was successful. You will see the new IP address on the


Static IP assignment

: Use SetIP program to change the IP address

from your computer. If your machine has a control panel, you can also

change IP address using the machine's control panel.

In an office environment, we recommend that you contact a network

administrator to set this address for you.

IP setting using the control panel


Press Menu on the control panel until you see Network on the

bottom line of the display and press OK.


Press the left/right arrow until TCP/IP appears and press OK.


Press the left/right arrow until Static appears and press OK.


Press the left/right arrow until IP Address appears and press OK.


Enter a byte between 0 and 255 using the number keypad and press

the left/right arrow to move between bytes.


Repeat this to complete the address from the 1st byte to the 4th byte.


When you have finished, press OK.


Repeat steps 6 and 7 to configure the other TCP/IP parameters:

subnet mask and gateway address.

IP setting using the SetIP program

The following procedure is based on Windows XP.
This program is for manually setting the network IP address of your

machine using its MAC address to communicate with the machine. MAC

address is a hardware serial number of the network interface and can be

found in the Network Configuration Report.

Installing the program


Insert the Printer Software CD-ROM provided with your machine.

When the driver CD runs automatically, close that window.


Start a web browser such as Internet Explorer and open the X drive.

(X represents your CD-ROM drive.)


Double-click Application > SetIP.


Double-click Setup.exe to install this program.


Click OK. If necessary, select a language from the drop-down list.


Follow the instructions in the window and complete the installation.



Network interface

Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX

802.11 b/g Wireless LAN

(CLX-3175FW only)

Network operating system

Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/

Server 2008 R2

Various Linux OS

MAC OS 10.3 ~ 10.6

Network protocols


Standard TCP/IP






Wireless Security

Authentication: Open System, Shared

Key, WPA Personal, WPA2


Encryption: WEP64, WEP128, TKIP,


You only need to run this program if your network requires a

static IP address. Otherwise, you may proceed to the
Configuring the machine’s wireless network

part of this

document. If you are unsure of this requirement ask the system

administrator or the person who has set up your local network.

You can only use the SetIP program when your machine is

connected to a network or directly connected to a PC with the

crossover network cable included with your machine. In most

cases we recommend using the crossover cable. You will be

asked to connect this cable in a moment.

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