Installing software for network printing – Samsung CLX-3175FN User Manual

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Installing Printer Software in Windows


Installing Software for Network

When you connect your printer to a network, you must first
configure the TCP/IP settings for the printer. After you have
assigned and verified the TCP/IP settings, you are ready to
install the software on each computer on the network.

You can install the printer software using the typical or custom

Typical Installation

This is recommended for most users. All components necessary
for printer operations will be installed.


Make sure that the printer is connected to your network
and powered on. For details about connecting to the
network, see the supplied printer’s User’s Guide.


Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
The CD-ROM should automatically run, and an installation
window appears.
If the installation window does not appear, click Start and
then Run. Type X:\Setup.exe, replacing “X” with the
letter which represents your drive and click OK.
If you use Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server
2008 R2, click StartAll programsAccessories
Run, and type X:\Setup.exe.
If the AutoPlay window appears in Windows vista,
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, click Run
Setup.exe in Install or run program field, and click
Continue in the User Account Control window.


Click Next.

• If necessary, select a language from the drop-down list.


Select Typical installation for a network printer. Click


The list of printers available on the network appears.
Select the printer you want to install from the list and then
click Next.

• If you do not see your printer on the list, click Update to

refresh the list, or select Add TCP/IP Port to add your
printer to the network. To add the printer to the
network, enter the port name and the IP address for the

To verify your printer’s IP address or the MAC address,
print a Network Configuration page.

• To find a shared network printer (UNC Path), select

Shared Printer [UNC] and enter the shared name
manually or find a shared printer by clicking the Browse



: If you cannot find your machine in network, please turn

off the firewall and click Update.
For Windows operating system, click StartControl Panel
and start windows firewall, and set this option unactivated. For
other operating system, refer to its on-line guide.

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