Selecting print media – Samsung CLX-3175FN User Manual

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Loading originals and print media


Load the original face up into the ADF. Make sure that the bottom of the

original stack matches the paper size marked on the document input



Adjust the document width guides to the paper size.


You can print on a variety of print media, such as plain paper, envelopes,

labels, and transparencies. Always use print media that meet the guidelines

for use with your machine. Print media that does not meet the guidelines

outlined in this user’s guide may cause the following problems:

Poor print quality

Increased paper jams

Premature wear on the machine.

Properties, such as weight, composition, grain, and moisture content, are

important factors that affect the machine’s performance and the output

quality. When you choose print materials, consider the following:

The type, size and weight of the print media for your machine are

described later in this section.

Desired outcome: The print media you choose should be appropriate for

your project.

Brightness: Some print media are whiter than others and produce

sharper, more vibrant images.

Surface smoothness: The smoothness of the print media affects how

crisp the printing looks on the paper.

Dust on the ADF glass may cause black lines on the printout. Always

keep it clean.

Be careful not to put your hands in the ADF roller. You may get

Some print media may meet all of the guidelines in this section and

still not produce satisfactory results. This may be the result of

improper handling, unacceptable temperature and humidity levels,

or other variables over which Samsung has no control.

Before purchasing large quantities of print media, ensure that it

meets the requirements specified in this user’s guide.

Using print media that does not meet these specifications may cause

problems, requiring repairs. Such repairs are not covered by

Samsung’s warranty or service agreements.

Make sure not to use the inkjet photo paper with this machine. It
could cause damage to the machine.

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