Samsung CLX-3175FN User Manual

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Getting started

If the installation window does not appear, click Start > Run. Type

X:\Setup.exe, replacing “X” with the letter which represents your

drive and click OK.

If you use Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2,

click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run, and type


Select Typical installation for a network printer, and then click Next.


The list of machines available on the network appears. Select the printer
you want to install from the list and then click Next.


After the installation is finished, a window appears asking you to print a

test page and to register yourself as a user of Samsung machines in

order to receive information from Samsung. If you wish to do so, select

the corresponding checkbox(es) and click Finish.

Congratulations, you have installed your Samsung wireless network printer.

Print another copy of the Configuration report and keep it for future

reference. You are now ready to use your new Samsung wireless printer on

your network.

The installation window may slightly differ, if you are reinstalling

the driver.

If you do not see your machine on the list, click Update to

refresh the list, or select Add TCP/IP Port to add your machine

to the network. To add the machine to the network, enter the

port name and the IP address for the machine.

To verify your machine’s IP address or the MAC address, print

a Network Configuration Report page. (See "Printing

reports" on page 63.)

If your machine does not work properly after the installation, verify

your network settings and try reinstalling the printer driver.

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