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Page 63: Adjusting the color contrast

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This chapter provides information for maintaining your machine and the toner cartridge.

This chapter includes:

Printing reports

Clearing memory

Cleaning your machine

Maintaining the cartridge

Replacing the toner cartridge

Replacing the imaging unit

Replacing the waste toner container

Maintenance parts

Managing your machine from the website

Checking the machine’s serial number


Your machine can provide various reports with useful information you will

need. The following reports are available:

Printing a report


Press Menu until System Setup appears on the bottom line of the

display and press OK.


Press the left/right arrow until Report appears and press OK.


Press the left/right arrow until the report or list you want to print appears

and press OK.
To print all reports and lists, select All Report.


Press OK when Yes appears to confirm printing.
The selected information prints out.


Color menu allows you to adjust the color setting.

Press Menu until System Setup appears on the bottom line of the

display and press OK.


Press OK when Maintenance appears.


Press the left/right arrow until Color appears and press OK.


Press OK when Custom Color appears.


Press the left/right arrow until the color menu you want appears on

display and press OK.
Allows you to adjust contrast color by color. Default optimizes color

automatically. Manual Adjust allows you to manually adjust the color

contrast for each cartridge. Default setting is recommended for getting

best color quality.


Press Stop/Clear to return to ready mode.

Some reports may not appear in the display depending on options or

models. If so, it is not applicable to your machine.




This list shows the status of the user-selectable

options. You may print this list to confirm your

changes after changing settings.

Supplies Info

This list shows the current status of consumables

in your machine.

Address Book

This list shows all of the fax numbers and email

addresses currently stored in the machine’s


Send Report

This report shows the fax number, the number of

pages, the elapsed time of the job, the

communication mode, and the communication

results for a particular fax job.

You can set up your machine to automatically

print a transmission confirmation report after

each fax job. (See "Sending options" on

page 57.)

Sent Report

This report shows information on the faxes and

emails you have recently sent.

You can set the machine to automatically print this

report every 50 communications. (See "Sending

options" on page 57.)

Fax RCV Report

This report shows information on the faxes you

have recently received.

Schedule Jobs

This list shows the documents currently stored for

delayed faxes along with the starting time and type

of each operation.

Junk Fax Report

This list shows the fax numbers specified as junk

fax numbers. To add or delete numbers to or from

this list, access the Junk Fax Setup menu. (See

"Receiving options" on page 57.)

Network Info.

This list shows information on your machine’s

network connection and configuration.

User Auth List

This list shows authorized users who are allowed to

use the email function.

If you have moved the machine, it is strongly recommended to operate

this menu manually.



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