Advice for use and care, Troubleshooting guide, Warning indicators – Salter 9153 SS3R Stainless Steel Analyser Scale User Manual

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My friend has a body Fat Analyser made by another manufacturer.

when I used it I found that I got a different body fat reading. why is this?

Different Body Fat Analysers take measurements around different parts of the body and

use different mathematic algorithms to calculate the percentage of body fat.

The best advice is to not make comparisons from one device to another, but to use the

same device each time to monitor any change.

how do I interpret my body fat and water percentage readings?

Please refer to the Body Fat and Water tables included with the product. They will guide

you as to whether your body fat and water reading falls into a healthy category

(relative to your age and sex).

what should I do if my body fat reading is very ‘high?

A sensible diet, fluid intake and exercise program can reduce your body fat percentage.

Professional medical guidance should always be sought before embarking on such

a program.

why are the body fat percentage ranges for men and women so different?

Women naturally carry a higher percentage of fat than men, because the make-up of the

body is different being geared towards pregnancy, breastfeeding etc.

what should I do if my water percentage reading is ‘low’?

Ensure that you are regularly taking sufficient water and work towards moving your fat

percentage into the healthy range.

why should I avoid using the body Analyser Scale whilst pregnant?

During pregnancy a woman’s body composition changes considerably in order to

support the developing child. Under these circumstances, body fat percentage readings

could be inaccurate and misleading. Pregnant women should therefore only use the

weight function.


• Always weigh yourself on the same scale placed on the same floor surface.

Do not compare weight readings from one scale to another as some differences will

exist due to manufacturing tolerances.

• Placing your scale on a hard, even floor will ensure the greatest accuracy and


• It is recommended that you measure at the same time of the day, preferably early

evening before a meal for the most consistent results.

• Your scale rounds up or down to the nearest increment.

If you weigh yourself twice and get two different readings, your weight lies between

the two.

• Clean your scale with a damp cloth. Do not use chemical cleaning agents.

• Do not allow your scale to become saturated with water as this can damage the


• Treat your scale with care - it is a precision instrument. Do not drop it or jump on it.

TRoublEShooTINg guIDE

• You must have bare feet when using body fat and total body water measurements.
• The condition of your skin on the bottom of your feet can affect the reading. To get
the most accurate and consistent reading, wipe your feet with a damp cloth,
leaving them slightly moist before stepping on the scale.


lo Replace battery.

o-ld Weight exceeds maximum capacity.

Err Out of range, incorrect operation or poor feet contact. Unstable weight.

Stand still.


80 cm - 220 cm

Athlete mode = 15-50 years

2’7” - 7’3”

d = 0.1 % body fat

6 - 100 years

d = 0.1 % body water


d = 0.1 % muscle mass

12 user memory d = 1 kcal BMR

Child mode = 6-12 years


This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other

household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the

environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it

responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used

device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the

product was purchased. They can take this product for environmental safe recycling.


This symbol indicates that batteries must not be disposed of in the domestic

waste as they contain substances which can be damaging to the environment

and health. Please dispose of batteries in designated collection points.


This product is intended for domestic use only. Salter will repair or replace the product,

or any part of this product, free of charge if within 15 years of the date of purchase,

it can be shown to have failed through defective workmanship or materials. This

guarantee covers working parts that affect the function of the scale. It does not cover

cosmetic deterioration caused by fair wear and tear or damage caused by accident or

misuse. Opening or taking apart the scale or its components will void the guarantee.

Claims under guarantee must be supported by proof of purchase and be returned

carriage paid to Salter (or local Salter appointed agent if outside the UK). Care should

be taken in packing the scale so that it is not damaged while in transit. This undertaking

is in addition to a consumer’s statutory rights and does not affect those rights in any

way. For UK Sales and Service contact HoMedics Group Ltd, PO Box 460, Tonbridge, Kent,

TN9 9EW, UK. Helpline Tel No: (01732) 360783. For Ireland, please contact Petra Brand

Masters, Unit J4 Maynooth Business Campus, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Tel +00 353 (0) 1 6510660. e-mail