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• This function works only in Play mode. page 20
• You can combine two different movie images.

1. Touch the HD Movie (

HD) tab or SD Movie (

SD) tab.

• The thumbnail index view appears accordingly.

2. Touch the Menu (

) tab “Edit” “Combine.

• If the movie image thumbnail you want to edit is not on the screen,

touch the up (

) or down (

) tab to scroll to the next group of options.

3. Touch movie images to be combined.

• The


) indicator is displayed on the selected movie images.

• Touching the movie thumbnail image toggles between the movie thumbnail image

being selected for combining(the (

) indicator appears on image) or not (the (


indicator is removed from image).

• You cannot select and combine two different resolution images.

4. Touch the OK (

) tab.

The message “Combine selected two files?” will appear.

5. Touch “Yes.

• The thumbnail of the first movie image will appear in the combined movie image.

• It is impossible to combine movie images with different resolutions.

For example, if there is one movie image recorded at [HD] 720/50p and two movie images at [HD] 1080/50i,
you can combine only the two movie images recorded at [HD] 1080/50i, not the movie image at [HD] 720/50p.

• You can not combine protected images. You must first release the protect function to paste it. page 99
• The two movie images are combined in the selected order and restored as one movie image.
• The original movie images will not be preserved.
• Photo images cannot be combined.
• The time lapse movie images cannot be combined.
• You can also access it by using the Q.MENU button.

Press the Q.MENU button. Touch “Edit.” Touch “Combine.

• A maximum of 2 movie images can be combined at a time.
• You can perform the Combine function when there is at least 9MB of memory space remaining on the built-in

memory or memory card.

• Combine is not available if the total size of the two files to be combined exceeds 1.8GB.

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