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Example of Time Lapse REC

Time Lapse REC records image frames at the predefined
interval over the total recording time to produce a time-
lapse video.

Time Lapse REC is useful for fi lming in the following
• Blooming flowers
• Insect’s skin-casting
• Clouds rolling by in the sky

• This function is disabled after being used one time.
• For Time Lapse REC, the [HD]720/50p resolution and Super Fine quality are supported only.
• 50 captured images compose a video of 1 second length. Since the minimum length of a video to be saved by your

camcorder is one second, the interval defines how long the Time Lapse Recording should be taken. For example, if you
set the interval to “3 Sec,” Time Lapse Recording should be taken for at least 3 minutes to record a minimum video
length of 1 second (50 images).

• Once the Time Lapse REC finishes recording for its total recording time, it switches to the standby mode.
• Press


Recording start/stop button if you want to stop the Time Lapse REC.

• Audio is not recorded during Time Lapse Recording.
• When a video recording fills up 1.8GB of storage media, a new recording file is automatically started at that point.
• When the battery is exhausted during Time Lapse REC, it saves recording up to that point and switches to standby

mode. After a while, it displays a warning message, then turns off automatically.

• When memory runs out while performing Time Lapse REC, the camcorder switches to the standby mode after saving

what was recorded so far.

• During Time Lapse REC, the zoom and focus functions are fixed so that you cannot change the settings.

Even though the subject is moved, the focus cannot be changed.

• We recommend using the AC power adaptor when using the Time Lapse REC function.

Total time for recording

Recording interval


Time for recording
on the storage media
(a video clip of Time
Lapse REC)

00:00:20 / 00:20:00


00:00:25 / 00:20:00


00:00:30 / 00:20:00


00:00:35 / 00:20:00


(The Time Lapse movie
file appears with the Time
Lapse REC (

) icon.)

(The Time Lapse movie

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