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using the menu items

EV (Exposure Value) (


The HD camcorder usually adjusts the exposure automatically. You can also manually adjust the exposure depending
on the recording conditions.

Setting the exposure manually:
When manually setting the exposure, the default setting appears as the value is automatically adjusted according to
the environmental light conditions.

Touch the decrease (

) or increase (

) tab to adjust the exposure while viewing the

image on the LCD screen.
• Exposure value can be set between “-2.0” and “+2.0.

• The exposure value setting will be applied and the (

) indicator and setting value are


Manual exposure is recommended in situations listed below:
• When shooting using reverse lighting or when the background is too bright.
• When shooting on a reflective natural background such as at the beach or when skiing.
• When the background is overly dark or the subject is bright.

This function will be set to “0” in the EASY Q mode.



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