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Setting the number of copies to print
Touch the decrease (

) or increase (

) tab to select the number of prints.

• If the image moves to the previous or next, the number of copies is reset.

To cancel print setting
Touch the Return (

) tab on the screen.

To stop printing after printing starts
The confirmation screen appears while printing.
Touch “Cancel” on the screen.

PictBridge menu

Setting the date/time imprint option
Touch the Menu (

) tab “Date/Time” “Off,” “Date,” “Time,” or

Date & Time” Return (

) tab.

To print using the DPOF setting
If the printer is compatible with DPOF, you can use the DPOF setting. page 102

• If the printer is not recognised, or to print again after direct printing with a PictBridge printer,

remove the USB cable, select “PictBridge” in the menu again, and then reconnect the cable.

• The date/time imprint option may not be supported by all printers.

Check with your printer manufacturer.
The “Date/Time” menu cannot be setup if the printer does not support this option.

• PictBridge™ is a registered trademark of CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association),

an image transfer standard developed by Canon, Fuji, HP, Olympus, Seiko Epson, and Sony.

• Use the USB cable provided with the HD camcorder.
• Use the AC power adaptor for your HD camcorder during PictBridge direct printing.

Turning your HD camcorder off during printing might damage data on the storage media.

• Movie images are not available for printing.
• You can set various printing options depending on the printer. Please refer to the user manual

of the printer for details.

• Do not remove USB cable or memory card during printing.
• You may not print photo images recorded on other devices.

printing photo images


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