Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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Storage Media



Memory card functions are not operable.

• Insert a memory card into your camcorder properly. page 28
• If you use a memory card formatted on a computer, format it again directly on your

camcorder. page 82

Image cannot be deleted.

• Release the lock on the write-protect tab of the memory card, if any. page 30
• You cannot move or delete the protected images. Release the protection of the

image on the device. page 99

You cannot format the memory card.

• Release the lock on the write-protect tab of the memory card, if any. page 30
• The memory card is not supported on your camcorder or the card has some


The data file name is not indicated

• The file may be corrupted.
• The file format is not supported by your HD camcorder.
• Only the file name is displayed if the directory structure complies with the

international standard.

Adjusting the image during recording



Focus does not adjust automatically.

• Set

“Focus” to “Auto.” page 69

• The recording conditions are not suitable for auto focus.

Adjust the focus manually. page 69

• The lens is dusty on the surface. Clear the lens and check the focus.
• Recording is being made in a dark location.

Use a light to brighten the area.

The image appears too bright or flickering,
or changes in colour.

• This may occur when you make a recording under a fluorescent sodium or mercury

lamp. Cancel “iSCENE” to avoid or minimize this phenomenon.

page 59

Image’s colour balance is not natural.

• White balance adjustment is required. Adjust to the proper “White Balance.”

page 62

The subject may appear bent when
passing through the frame quickly.

• This is called the focal plane phenomenon. This is not a malfunction. Because

of the way the image device (CMOS sensor) reads out video signals, the subject
passing by the frame rapidly may appear to bend, depending on the recording

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